We’re here to help. To help you, help our planet.

Maemara takes ocean and landfill-bound plastic and turns a hazardous waste product into beautiful homeware. Founded in 2019 by three earth and ocean-loving individuals, Maemara is a brand with conscience; producing stylish, zero-waste products to liven up your lounge and brighten your bedroom.

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We’re in crisis. Plastic crisis.

More than 1 MILLION plastic bottles are bought every minute across the globe and ONLY 9% of all plastic waste produced is being recycled – the rest ends up in the ocean, landfills, and the wider natural environment.

All Maemara cushions are made from 100% recycled fabric and filling.

Founder image
Founder image

40+ plastic bottles prevented from entering the ocean & landfill per cushion,

Founded by three earth and ocean-loving individuals, Maemara is a brand with conscience; producing stylish homeware products made from ocean and landfill bound plastic.

Our founding team:

Kelly Baker

Co-founder & MD

Combining her love of interiors with a passion for tackling plastic pollution, Kelly’s 20+ years experience in the corporate world of advertising and finance is now being channelled into driving forward our sustainable and ethical business with a conscience.

Alan Baker

Co-founder & Director

Having grown up on a farm, is a true earth lover, often now spending his weekends exploring the Yorkshire Dales with his family in tow. Al and his wife Kelly have joined forces to channel their entrepreneurial minds into making a real success story of Maemara.

Hannah Legg


A self-proclaimed hills and mountains fanatic who loves the challenge and fresh air of the peaks, often spending weekends on foot tackling the latest heights. An entrepreneur since youth, Hannah jumped at the chance to establish a company which combines her love of the earth with her love of business.