Now’s the time…

  • by Hannah Legg

What a year it’s been so far for us all. No one is left unaffected by Covid-19, and here at Maemara we offer our sincere gratitude to the selfless NHS and key workers across the length and breadth of the country, who are helping us all during these unprecedented times.

A little glimmer of hope has peaked through the darkness, however, as more and more of us see the ease of leading a more sustainable life. 

Simple steps – like using cars only for essential journeys, creating wildlife spaces in our gardens or green spaces, and cutting down our use of plastic - have been adopted during 2020; straightforward acts which can make a massive, positive impact in protecting the future of our planet.

Maemara’s very ethos lies in reducing the plastic which is destroying our oceans and earth, by creating stylish, timeless soft furnishings made out of recycled plastic. Zero-waste cushions which will liven up your lounge or brighten up your bedroom.

We’ve taken a little innovation and a lot of love to create our hand-drawn, original designs; all inspired by the wonders of the oceans and earth. 

We’re so pleased to be able to offer you a cushion made with 100% recycled fabric and 100% recycled filling, using plastic which was ocean or landfill-bound.  We're proud of the fact that each Maemara cushion purchased prevents over 40 plastic bottles from entering the seas or land around us. 

Let’s act now and do more than ever to protect our planet. After all, we’ve only got one shot at this.

Thanks for supporting Maemara.

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