Bringing colour to your home

  • by Hannah Legg

It’s an instant hit – brighten up any room with a splash of colour, courtesy of a simple, beautifully made, cushion. On a dull day, a scatter of vibrant cushions on a sofa will transform a sitting room. In a neutral bedroom, a couple of cushions adorning a bed makes the room feel totally different.

Colour doesn’t only look good; it makes you feel good, too.


Here at Maemara, our 100% sustainable cushions offer a combination of colours and designs to suit all settings, moods and tastes. From bold abstract; available in awesomely-cheery colours, to relaxing wave with its more subtle tones; there’s a Maemara cushion out there for every occasion.

Pick your favourite colour – what does your colour choice say about you? There’s a plethora of theories out there around what colour choice means about someone’s personality. But are happy people really more drawn to yellow? Or thoughtful types more likely to select blue?

Maemara believes every colour can be enjoyed by everyone, and we can dip in and out of choices depending on our moods and influences - both environmental and emotional. Which is why we’ve made sure our cushion range covers a variation of colour and design.

Go on, bring some colour back in to your life. You’ll wonder why it ever went in the first place!


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